ESV300-2T 8″ Silicon Cut Single Diamond Wire Saw

ESV300-2T 8″ Silicon Cut Single Diamond Wire Saw


Silicon Cut Single Diamond Wire Saw

Breif Introduction :

This diamond wire saw machine is made to do silicon cut off/cropping, it uses diamond wire loop/endless diamond wire as cutting blade,the cut kerf is 0.45mm, far more small than diamond band saw.

And there has less possibility of silicon edge break which decreases defective product rate.

The machine cut vertically, and it’s clamping device is made for silicon ingot, the moving roller and air pressure clamp protects silicon to be not damaged.


Usage of this endless diamond wire saw:

Cut Silicon ingot smaller than 8 inch.

Cut off and seeding

Rod shape material cut

endless diamond wire cutendless diamond wire cut

Parameter of ESV300-4T:

Machine Spec

1  Machine Dimension:  L2443.8mm*W1354mm*H1861.5mm

2  Total Weight:1500 KG

3 loading capacity:800 KG

4  Max linear speed:38 m/s

5  Less than 3.5 KW

6  Cutting wire:Diamond wire loop /endless diamond wire 

7  Wire NO.: 1 PC

8  Wire diameter: 0.42 MM


Material Dimension

Material dimension :  smaller than L1300mm*W280mm*H280mm

General Views of ESV300-4T endless wire saw

This model was supplied to a lot semicome companies to do silicon ingot cropping ,all ingot size smaller than diameter 280 MM can b cut by this silicon cut single diamond wire saw.

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