EST200-2T Ferrites/NdFeB Cut Diamond Wire Saw

EST200-2T Ferrites/NdFeB Cut Diamond Wire Saw


EST200-2T Ferrites/NdFeB Cut Diamond Wire Saw

endless diamond wire saw
endless diamond wire saw

Brief Introduction 

EST200-2T is made for metal cut,especially to cut NdFeB, the cutting efficientcy is far more better than inner diameter saw.the machine use diamond wire loop as cutting tool,the cut kerf is about 0.4 mm. The diamond wire cut from top to bottom,it’s very convience to use.

The linear speed is 3 to 4 times of traditional wire cutting. It’s cutting speed is fast and  has very simple operation and the machine size is quite smal,the cut was very flexible.

The cutting equipment is suitable to cut almost all kinds of material such as glass, rock, jade, silicon, ceramics and so on, especially for cutting high-value hard brittle materials .


Usage of this NdFeB Cut Endless Diamond Wire Saw

Metal,NdFeB,Ceramic,crystal …all material softer than diamond

size samller than 200*200*200 mm

 Machine Parameter:

Machine Size: L800mm X W650mm X H1600mmSpindle rotary rate:2800 rmp
Machine weight:250 KGFeed speed:0.1-100 mm/min
Width:  0.1-1000 mmWater tank size: 640*640*750 mm
Thickness:  0.001-200 mmLinear speed:1-32m/s
Wire Length:1580  mmLoading capacity:400 kg(rotary head  30 kg)


View of EST200-2T


This model is widely used by Laboratory,University ,Personal Warehouse.and all kind of crystal cut. there is another type have same structure but without rotary head .Rotary head is nessary if your material is very hard ,or you want to get a very smooth shinnig cut furface .

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