ESH600-2T Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw

ESH600-2T Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw


ESH600-2T Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw

Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw

 Brief Introduction 

This Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw has a Horizontal cutting structure which needs a small footprint. It uses a unidirectional high-speed moving diamond wire as cutting tool to cut large hard and brittle materials .It has low cutting noise, low energy consumption, high cutting efficiency, small cutting kerf, and the high linear speed ensures a smooth and flat cutting surface , achieving the effect of “cutting  instead of grinding”.

This machine is suitable for cutting various metal and non-metal composite materials, graphite, glass, rock, jade, sapphire, silicon carbide, ceramics and other materials. It is especially suitable for cutting high-value, easily broken, hard and brittle materials .


Usage of this endless diamond wire saw:

It’s initially designed to cut graphite block,but it turns out that it is suitable to cut all kinds of material similar with graphite,such as Cemented carbide before sintering,foam cement and so on.

Any workpiece size samller than 350*350*350 mm

Machine Parameter:

Machine Size: L1680mm X W1550mm X H1790mmSpindle rotary rate:2800 rmp
Machine weight:1000 KGFeed speed:0.1-1000 mm/min
X axis length :600 mmWheel No.:2 wheels 
Thickness:  0.001-350mmLinear speed:1-32m/s
Wire Length:3350  mmLoading capacity:400 kg


View of ESH600-2T Graphite Cut Diamond Wire Saw


This model is widely used by solar industry for Graphite insulation barrel cut . there is another type have same structure but with a rotary loading table .

Rotary cut is nessary if your material is very hard ,or you want to get a very smooth shinnig cut surface . 

And there is bigger size machine for your choice too.

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