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ensoll diamond wire saw
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ensoll diamond wire saw
ensoll endless diamond wire
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About Ensoll

Zhengzhou Ensoll Tools is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of Endless diamond wire saw ,single diamond wire saw. Our brand name is ENSOLL.The company has nearly one hundred patents regarding to Endless diamond wire cutting and diamond wire saw machinery. We are one of the first companies to start  mass production of  endless diamond wire loop to adapt it to the large-scale cutting needs of enterprises.

The industry we have involved in are Solar ,Semicone, Graphite, Ferrites ,Ceramic ,Optiacal ,Gemstone and so on.

solar wire saw

On the other hand, we supported a large number of equipment manufacturers to develop related equipment, and made a great contribution to the promotion of this new method of wire cutting.

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Why Choose Ensoll

Best Customer Support

We provide constantly support to our clients ,the value we belieive is “Without good service, the quality advantage will not be realized”.We also supporing dealers and distributors in their local markets to be successful in this competitive market. Full technical and marketing support is provided to all our  distributors.

Best Technical Support

A large number of industries have in-depth cooperation with our company from process evaluation to project implementation. There are many accumulations of various parameters and processes, which is a great help for our technical update.We can support clients to find they best solution very soon.

Best Product Quality

Possess the R&Dcapability of both consumables and equipment, we have deep  understanding and improvement method of diamond cutting wire and wire saw machine.Clients have no need to worry about the matching of endless cutting wire and wire saw machine.

What we provide should be the best.

Strong R&D Support

We have supplied Solor and Semicone industry a lot wire saw machinery,fullfuilled them unique cutting need. The designing team of Ensoll have devliered hundreds of patented invention which applys to diamond wire saw cutting.