• Chipping: this is a common form of damage when CBN inserts are used for machiningsteel and cast iron

with interruption. It is a small notch created in the cutting edge, and several small notches on the cutting edge

or a small piece of chipping. If the micro chipping are within the allowable wear limit, the cutting could be continued,

otherwise, the CBN inserts need to be replaced.

  • Broken: this is a common breakage forms that CBN insertsare used for continuously cutting high hardness

materials or cutting workpieces with interruption. This is due to the excessive impact load during interrupted

cutting of high-hardness workpieces and early breakage after short-time cutting. Although the cutting conditions

are appropriate, after a long time, there was no timely CBN tool change, and a large break occurred due to fatigue

of the tool material.

  • Peel off: when milling steel and cast iron end faces, shelling often occurs on the rake face. In this type of situation,

the CBN inserts with a negative chamfered edge and a honing cbn inserts can be used by increasing the cutting speed

and decreasing the feed rate.

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