During CBN inserts machining, the occurrence of the vibration due to the follow reasons:

  • The big gap of the main axis shaft bearing, causing the vibration of the main shaft; Adjustment shaft

bearing gap or replacement shaft bearing.

  • The rough and uneven surface of the workpiece, the unstable cutting feed caused the unstable cutting force,

so occurred the vibration; The workpiece need to be honed or machining one time firstly.

  • The revolution speed, feed rate and cutting force, all the factors effects have the synchronic effect of the CNC

natural vibration; at this time, the whole CNC will have big vibration, the CBN inserts vibration is seriously too.

The federate change is necessary.

  • The elasticity of the CBN inserts, the tool holder force of the CBN inserts, happened the vibration frequency

with the cutting force, the part vibration was also caused; the vibration will be eliminated by changed one of


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