Based on our experience, the reasons for the CBN inserts chipping due to the follow points:

  • The factors of CBN inserts itself, the bigger CBN particles bonded with proper binder together will have

extremelytensile strength, that is the why solid CBN inserts used for rough machining with obvious advantages.

The CBN raw materials and the synthesized technology with direct affects on the CBN inserts performance.

  • The choose of the CBN inserts, usually the brazed PCBN inserts cutting depth within 0.3mm or even smaller,

if there has the heavy interrupted cutting, the solid cbn inserts only could be chosen to avoid the chipping.

  • The CBN inserts model, such as the CBN inserts shape and the chamfer choose.
  • The cutting parameters: considered from the cutting force, decreasing the federateis the best way, if it is the

interrupted cutting or the slender shaft machining, lower the revolution speed  is necessary.

  • The machine tool performance, mainly indicate the rigidity of the machine system, only with the good rigidity,

the vibration only could be avoided.

  • The outstretchedlength of the tool holder.
  • The tool holder quality.
  • The usage of the cutting fluid.

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