Q & A

CBN Inserts Choose and Order

1)  How to choose the suitable products?

In order to supply the suitable CBN inserts for you, the follow information need your help:

1: Work piece name: such as Roll, Brake disc, Gear, Cylinder liner, Slurry pump, etc;

2: Work piece material: such as cast iron, hardened steel, etc;

3: Work piece hardness: such as HRC45, HRC60, HRC70, etc;

4: Cutting condition: Turning or Milling? Continuous or Interrupted cutting?

5: Cutting parameters: Cutting feed? Feed rate? Cutting depth?

6: For finishing, any special requirement for the roughness?

If the above information is not very clear, please inform us what kind of inserts you are using now? Such as inserts grade, chamfer, etc; thanks for your cooperation.

2) How long for the delivery time?

Usually we have the ISO products in stock, such as IT500 RNGN120400 S02020; if not, the goods could be shipped out within 7 days after received your payment.

3) How to ship the goods out?

Commonly, the goods are shipped out via DHL courier, if you have special requirements, we aslo could ship them via Fedex/TNT, etc.

4) How to make the payment?

We accept 100% T/T in advance.