Silicon Based PCD Die Blanks

Silicon Theraml Stable Conductive PCD Die Blanks

Products Features

 –Good conductivity, the high speed cutting could be realized via low speed wire cut;

–Heat resistant, the temperature could be up to 1100°C;

–Great wear-resistance, the wear ratio bigger than 10×104.

 Products Applications

 –Special-shape wire drawing dies;

–Wear-resistant parts;

–Heat-resistant parts;

–Corrosion-resistant parts.

 Products Advantages

The main advantages of our Silicon PCD Die Blanks is: Conductive, wear resistant and heat resistant.

Compared with the Co-based PCD, the obvious advantage of our products are as follows:

  • Big size PCD such as 40mm diameter, 35mm diameter, the core and outer performance is consistant;
  • The heat resistance could be up to 1100 degree;
  • The wear resistance is better;
  • The price is only 1/3 to 1/5 of the cobalt-based for the diameter below 20mm.