PCBN Blanks

Insoll PCBN blanks

Insoll Tools PCBN blanks are used for different processing purposes, and the products are all subject to strict quality test with high wear resistance and stable performance. The products could be provided 30mm in diameter and thickness from 1.5 mm to 6.0mm.

Grit Size/μm
CBN Contents/Vol%
Hardness ( HV )
High hardness materials H01-H10 HB105 2 50 2500 ~ 2800 High speed finishing or light interrupted hardened steel
High hardness materials H01-H10 HB206 2 60 2800 ~ 3000 Finishing or medium interrupted machining hardened steel and sintered alloy
High hardness materials H20-H30 HB204 4 60 2800 ~ 3100 Hardened steel
High hardness materials H20-H30 HB307 4 70 3100 ~ 3300 Heavy interrupted cutting hardened steel and super finishing low hardness powder metallurgy and cast iron
Cast iron and powder metallurgy HB96 2 90 3300 ~ 3500 Metal bond, be suitable for cast iron, powder metallurgy, Ni-Co super alloy machining
Cast iron and powder metallurgy HB98 4 90 3200 ~ 3400 Better heat resistance compared with HB96, be suitable for cast iron and powder metallurgy finishing
Cast iron and powder metallurgy HB910 10 95 3200 ~ 3500 Excellent hardness and binding strength, be sutiable for severe environment machining

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