Full Top CBN Inserts

Full Top CBN Inserts

Full top PCBN inserts possess excellent hardness and thermal stability and bears 1300 degree of cutting temperature, which is mainly used for machining Hardened Steel with HRC50-60 hardness.

For example: carbon tool steel, bearing steel, die steel and high speed steel and so on, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, chilled cast iron and Ni-base、Co-base、Cr-base、Fe-base high temperature alloy.

Insoll Tools supply 3 grades PCBN inserts:

ITC10-for high speed machining grey cast iron. Roughing/semi-finishing light interrupted cutting.

ITC20-for roughing and semi-finishing cast iron.

ITC30-for continuous roughing and semi-finishing cutting high hard steel (HRC 45-65).

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