Conductive PCD


Conductive PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond)

 After painstaking research and development, Insoll Tools successfully introduced wear-resistant and heat-resistant

conductive polycrystalline diamond, and through strict raw material control, scientific and reasonable ratio of the

design and stable parameter control to ensure product quality .

 Products Features

 –Good conductivity, the high speed cutting could be realized via low speed wire cut;

–Heat resistant, the temperature could be up to 1100°C;

–Great wear-resistance, the wear ratio bigger than 10×104

 Products Applications

 –Special-shape wire drawing dies;

–Wear-resistant parts;

–Heat-resistant parts;

–Corrosion-resistant parts.

 Products Advantages

Compared with Co-based PCD, the heat-resistance is better, and when use the EMS

machining, the speed is slightly faster. The same size conductive PCD price is only 1/3 to 1/5 of

the cobalt-based for the diameter below 20mm. Made of special-shaped mold for machining

copper, aluminum, etc soft metals, the tool life is almost same as Co-based PCD, but for the

diameter above 20mm, the uniformity of the conductive PCD center and edge is excellent.

 We are the only China supplier for PCD with conductive, wear resistant and heat resistant

 features, and the big size and special-shape products could be customized.

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