CBN is a synthetic material with high hardness. Its hardness (HV7300~9000) is second only to diamond, but its heat

resistance and chemical stability are much higher than that of diamond. It can withstand temperatures of 1300 to

1500°C and it does not react chemical action with iron family metals up to 1200 to 1300°C.

Therefore, the CBN inserts is applicable not only to the machining of non-iron hard-to-machine materials, but also to

the cutting of hard-to-machine iron metals such as hardened steels, chilled cast irons and super alloys. Semi-finishing

and finishing with CBN inserts, machining accuracy up to IT5, surface roughness down to Ral. 25~0.2μm. The pcbn

inserts has a superior geometry and can completely replace grinding in terms of tool life and machining surface



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