CBN inserts are commonly used in the cutting of ferrous metals, and mainly include high hardness cast

irons/cast steels/forged steels, hardened steels, common grey cast irons, powder metallurgy and other

difficult-to-machine materials (hardness requirements for steel workpieces are HRC45 or higher).

  • High hardness cast iron/cast steel/forged steel: such as high-chromium cast iron, alloy castiron,

nickel hard cast iron, white cast iron, high manganese steel, high-speed steel and other materials can be processed,

such as rolls, slurry pump casing, Impellers, guards, liners, etc. are all typical components. The processing of such

workpieces mainly uses the pcbn inserts to cut the large allowance of blanks, improve the production efficiency,

and reduce the total production cost.

  • Hardened steel: Hardened gears/gear shafts, bearings, dies, synchronizers, ball joint, universal joints,

hardened rolls, etc, are typical hardened parts, hardness is around HRC60, CBN inserts can be easily solved,

and guaranteed High surface finishes.

  • Common gray cast iron: such as the engine block/cylinder head, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, clutch

pressure plate, etc. are all belong to the gray cast iron material. The use of CBN inserts can be used instead of

carbide inserts for high-speed cutting. Its cutting speed can be several times higher than cemented carbide tools,

and on the basis of ensuring high surface quality, tool life is 10-20 times that of cemented carbide inserts.

  • Powder metallurgy: due to its own porous structure, the particle hardness of parts and components is

as high as HRC60, and the edge fatigue and micro-bumping are easily caused during processing. The use of CBN

inserts can effectively improve the production efficiency and ensure the tool life.


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