The connection between CBN Cutting Tools and Cutting Parameters

1)      The cutting speed has the biggest influence on the CBN tools life, but the cutting temperature has the direct

relation for the CBN tools life. Due to the CBN tools with good heat resistance, increasing the cutting temperature

properly, the CBN tools advantage will be more obvious. That is because of the PCBN tools toughness could be improved

under the high temperature, therefore, the chip breakage of the CBN tools will be decreased.

2)      The cutting depth has the smaller influence on the PCBN cutting tools, but the impact resistance is worse than the carbide

inserts, the CBN cutting depth mainly impact on the fracture properties.Usually the cutting depth inserts thickness, but

the Round inserts is the exception.

3)      The feedrate influence on the tool life is only next to the cutting speed, the cutting thickness/revolution and the

edge strength are also influenced by the federate.

4)      Usually the Rough machining use the coarse size and cermet binder; Finish machining use the fine size and

ceramic binder, which could improve the surface roughness and increase the tool life.

5)      Commonly the tool life is also connected with the production tap.

6)      The heat emission condition also has influence on the tool life, for continuous cutting, the cutting temperature

could be reduced by changing the tool clearance angle, using coolant, etc, then to improve the tool life.

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