The Considerable Factors for CBN Inserts Finishing Meet the requirement of surface roughness Stability of size Form and location tolerance Other conditions of work pieces, such as machining stress, machining harden, etc The Factors need to be considered for CBN Inserts Finishing Realization: Wear Resistance and toughness of CBN inserts The influence of CBN grit […]

The connection between CBN Tools and Cutting Parameters 1)      The cutting speed has the biggest influence on the CBN tools life, but the cutting temperature has the direct relation for the CBN tools life. Due to the CBN tools with good heat resistance, increasing the cutting temperature properly, the CBN tools advantage will be more […]

About the CBN Tools Application CBN tools could replace the application of part carbide and coated carbide tools CBN tools could replace most of application of ceramic tools CBN tools is the best choice for hard processing materials (Ferrous Metal)

Main Factor Recommendation Material Cast Iron S02020 Hard cast iron S02020, S05020, HS10020 and S20015/01030 Hardened steel When Ap<0.1mm,f<0.1mm/r, T01025 is better; when  0.3mm﹥ap﹥0.1mm, S01020, S02020, T02025 is better. System Rigidity S edge is for the good rigidity, T and F edge is for the worse one. Work piece Rigidity S edge is for the […]

When interrupted turning hard cast iron (with big allowance), the double chamfer is recommend, it shows better shock resistance and cutting performance. Eg. S20015/01030

The Features of CBN Inserts

November 13, 2015

The CBN inserts mainly used for machining: Cast iron High hardness, high wear-resistant alloy cast iron and cast high speed steel. Hardened steel Hard processing material, such as high temperature alloys, tungsten carbide, etc. The Influence of Cutting Parameters on Tools Life    (The testing result for hardened steel)             […]

Chamfer Angle: The anti-shock performance of cutting edge is better if the chamfer angle is bigger, but the cutting resistance will be increased too; which have high requirement for the system rigidity and machine power. Application:                                                                                  For general cast iron, recommend 15°- 25°; For hard cast iron, recommend 20°- 30°; For hardened steel, recommend 20°- […]

CBN Milling Inserts

February 28, 2014

Insoll Tools CBN milling inserts are mainly used in milling Gray cast iron and Hardened steel. Application industry: Automotive industry ( Engine, Gear Box, etc.), Machine Tool industry (Guide, Workbench), Mining Machinery industry (Wear Plate ).                                       […]

Chamfer Width: The chamfer width could be confirmed by the machined material, cutting allowance and feed of every rotation. For the hard cast iron, when big allowance cutting, the wider chamfer is recommended; for the hardened steel, when small allowance and finish machining, the more narrow chamfer is the first choice. Application: 020 chamfer width […]