Roll Solutions

Rough turning Roll Excircle Application Case (1) Spare Part: Roll Material: High nickel chromium Hardness: HSD80 Insert: IT500 RNMN201000 Cutting data: Vc=25m/min ap=9mm f =0.5mm/r Roughness: Ra1.6 For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN inserts wear resistance is 4 times than the alloy inserts.

Rough turning Roll Excircle Application Case (2) Spare Part: Roll Material: 34CrNiMo Hardness: HRC62 Insert: IT500 SNMN150720 Cutting data: n=20rpm ap=5mm f =0.5mm/r For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN inserts improve the efficiency by 900% and increase the life by 300%.

Workpiece: HSS Roll Machining position: Slot Hardness: HSD88 Insert:  IT900 RCMX120700 S10020 Ap=6mm f=0.2mm/r Insert Comparison n (rpm) Efficiency Life Carbide insert 1.8 24 hours/pc 6 slots/edge Insoll Tools CBN insert 20 4 hours/pc 24 slots/edge