Gear Solutions

Interrupted Rough and Finish turning Top Excircle of Gear Application Case Workpiece: Big Gear( Dia 12m) Machining position: top excircle of Gear Material: 40CrMo Hardness: HB280-360 Insert: IT900  SNMN201020 Cutting parameter: Vc=50m/min Roughing ap=4mm Finishing ap=0.5mm f = 0.7mm Machining Time: 2 hours/pc For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN inserts improve the efficiency by 6-8 Times, […]

Finish turning Automotive Gearbox  spherical end surface Application Case Spare Part: Gear Material: 20CrMnTi Hardness: HRC58-63 Insert: ITS950  TNGA160408 Cutting data: Vc=160m/min ap=0.15mm f =0.1mm/r Roughness: Ra0.8 For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN inserts wear resistance is 1.3 times than the competitor’s.