Slewing Bearing Application Case

Spare Part: Slewing Bearing

Material: 42 CrMo

Hardness: HRC50-55

Insert: IT900 RCMX090700

Cutting data:Vc=120m/min


f =0.2mm/r

Roughness: Ra0.8

For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN inserts tool life is 2 times than the famous ceramic inserts.


Bearing Excircle and Face Application Case 

Workpiece: Bearing

Material:  GCr15

Hardness: HRC58-63

Insert: ITS950    CNGA120408

Cutting parameter: Vc=150m/min


f = 0.1mm

Life: 100 pcs/edge

For comparison only: Insoll Tools CBN turning inserts improve the efficiency by 30% and increase the life by 70%.


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